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Second Cosplay Kumoricon Teaser! Minion is Bilbo Baggins and I’m Smaug. We have been tracking down his favorite characters all afternoon. We had pro photos done today too. He is having a BLAST!!! We’ve posed for about 3 dozen (at least) photos and he still gets excited for each one. BEST Con yet!!!

Kumoricon teasers….. :) I’ll post more when I have downtime

I finally had a spare moment to read done of your comments to my last posts and OMG I love you guys. Thank you so much. It’s amazing how just a few words of encouragement and support can affect someone. I am deeply thankful. 💕

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Some photos of the past few days…pretty much captures my mood completely. Top photo is from today, I’m trying…I’m just drowning in stress and obligation.

I am so overwhelmed with everything and just emotionally and physically done with everything.
I feel bad that the guys have to put up with my constant whining but I am so thankful they are there.
I just wanna run away to a cabin in the woods and ugly cry till I’m ready to be around civilization again. And I’m heading to Staff and rush finish cosplays for an Anime Convention…shoot me.
Luv you guys, sorry for whining

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But my heart aches. I love you continuously, intensely.


Albert Camus

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Do not ever make a decision to love me just because I want you to.

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Still giddy about these. A friend informed me that yesterday was release day and seriously 10 min later Glowbug went to pick them up. :) we haven’t drank them yet but OMG so happy!!

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It’s a rare day when I don’t get coffee delivered to me in bed to encourage me to get up. Unless my husband has to go to work (rather than work from home) he always brings me coffee. Boyfriend does it when he stays the night too. It’s adorable and I am spoiled lol


Daily dose of love quotes here


Daily dose of love quotes here