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Happy fox! :3

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Trio tiiiiiiime.



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I don't wanna butt in but if Minion is showing signs of fear of injections please try to work on the fear now I'm 21 who has to go through hypnotherapy for it and it really affected me throughout life, its not fun! Sorry if Im stepping over the line!

I read this post from someone with genuine concern about the well being of another, I don’t find that invasive at all. Thank you for your insight and it and I will certainly see what sorts of ways we can help little guy in the future. I am quite sure he has a lot of built up fear from his broken arm experience and this is the first encounter with injections of any sort after that. Very eye opening for me and I agree that these sorts of things should be worked on younger in life rather than later if possible <3 *hugs*


D’awe. This was our first Poly week. 2 years ago.💕#polyamory

Minion had his 5 year old booster immunizations today and I have never heard him scream in total terror like that. Today made his broken arm look like fluffy kittens…

I am so thankful Glowbug was with me as I am a tremendously over-emotional mother and I needed that. I think its safe to say that Minion has quite a bit of fear after his arm/doctors/IVs experiences this year but it is done now and hes playing like usual.

Later today he gets registered for kindergarden and takes his assessment. I’m trying not to be nervous about his assessment but I can’t help it. I worry too much. He’s a brilliant kid but I always worry about his socialization with other children.

Glowbug: Whats our road name again?
Me: Springwood. Just think about dicks.
Glowbug: WHAT?!
Me: *makes erection gesture* Spring-Wood, BOING!
Glowbug: OH.MY.GOD...I guess that works
Me: Works for me! Otherwise I keep thinking its Springbrook, its easier to remember dicks. haha
Glowbug: You are going to be at Enigma's house Wed-Thurs, right?
Me: Uh, I don't think so. We have to finish moving and cleaning and stuff....
Glowbug: I just figured you would be itching for some relaxing "escape time"
Me: Yeah, I am, but I can do that next week. I'd love too, but, priorities.
...talking with Enigma later...
Enigma: I will see you tomorrow!
Me: About that, I really don't think I should spend the night at your place this week.
Enigma: *blink*blink* Ha! I wasn't expecting you would! I was planning on going to your place to help you guys move. We can have cuddle time next week.
Note: Just an insight of how communication works for us. Polyamory does mean that its hard to balance time sometimes but no matter how much we may WANT cuddle date time, sometimes we need to work together as a team instead of leaving one person with all the responsibility. Its just as much MY wish to help Glowbug as it is Enigma's and that is real teamwork to me.

One thing I am extremely giddy about by going back to College is that I can be stylized every day for class. I can let my Gothic/Faerie/Elven flags fly strong!


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Dinner with my metamour


Last night we decided to grab a drink so I took her to a small plates place in town.  When the second portion of our meal came the server was attempting to determine where to place it and then said, “Ah, it looks like you are sharing!”

"Yes," I said, "We share a lot of things."

He probably thought that was so sweet. I wonder if his response would be different if he knew why she was smiled and laughed at my comment.

I freaking love this. <3


What People Say -

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery (via polylovequotes)

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I feel very proud of my makeup artistry today. I feel like a gothy fairy and that is perfect.