"Be with someone that requires you to grow, makes you forget your problems, holds your hand, likes to kiss, appreciates art, and adores you."
"If it is accepted that one can have two or more soul-mates during a lifetime, why is it so hard to accept the blessing of having it happen at the same time?"
"Everytime you open your eyes I fall deeper in love with the story they tell."
"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
Last night was hillarious…

Instead of going to Enigma’s house last night we decided to stay at my home and have family/trio time instead. Enigma had aspirations of making a Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto and Glowbug wanted to make Steak with a wine reduction sauce.
This girl was NOT going to complain one bit. haha. We all enjoy cooking a lot so its pretty awesome.

Anyways, we had just poured glasses of white wine (left over from the Risotto) when there was a knock at the door. *mind you, this is at about 8pm*

It was a sales representative from Kirby vacuums and after she put on her “seemingly genuine” sob story of not meeting her quota for the day Glowbug agreed to let her do a 20 min demo of cleaning and scotch guarding our couch. We didn’t want to commit to her promise of cleaning the whole floor because that would be terribly inconvenient, but we figured eh, what the heck, let her fill her quota and do the couch.

We had never done one of these “demos” before but very quickly realized that this was going to be….annoying. She didn’t do a demo, she called some other people into our home to do it. This other woman and her boss came in, introduced themselves, he used our bathroom and left. Just left the woman to do the demo while he had other places to be. The woman goes on to start explaining her vacuum. She makes an impressive show of how it picks up dirt from our floor, and then shampoos a spot of our carpet. *The whole time I’m thinking…ok…its been 30 min now…I thought you were going to do the  couch….not a 2 foot section of my floor” I am a social person, but I truly hate strangers in my house messing up my relaxation, it gives me anxiety to have my space invaded for too long.

But we all are super polite. Glowbug and Enigma are joking around and cooking in the kitchen when they aren’t watching the vacuum demo, Minion and I are being entertained by the woman and vacuum demo. There was a couple times Enigma called me “baby” from the kitchen and although Glowbug and I had told her we were the head of the household we are all quite positive she must have thought they were a gay couple and I was their roommate/Minion’s mom. Entertaining thought…we didn’t try to draw attention to our relationship but we also didn’t shelter 100% everything…her expressions gave away her confusion for sure.

Anyways, her boss comes back, barely says two words and makes us an offer (Directed at me) which we cannot afford, he gives us another offer that we decline because its also too much, then he gives us a third offer that is certainly within price range….but has a 3 year commitment. He even says to Glowbug “would you buy it if it was affordable to make her (me) Happy?” Its very obvious they want an answer from us RIGHT NOW and while Glowbug, Enigma and I are looking at the offer Enigma speaks up and says “Uh, can we discuss this for a min in the bedroom and come back with an answer?” The pushy sales guy says yes.

The three of us go to the bedroom and although there was a bit of genuine interest our trio logic and future financial commitments rang quite true for us all. All three of us communicated the pros and cons and we all agreed that this was not a good idea right now. (Woot, Poly Communication Logic Skills! > impulse money spending)

We came out and told them we weren’t interested in the best way we could and I kid you not, the sales man acts like we kicked him in the face, gets all huffy and starts packing up the girls vacuum equipment forcefully. He was literally throwing a tantrum. He was abrupt and my son was still trying to talk to him being a kid and all, and the guy just shut off caring 100% about talking to any of us. It was one of the rudest sales tactics I have ever seen, was he trying to guilt me? Seriously? No! That just pissed me off. I had even overlooked his clear male/female chauvinistic sales tactics pointing to me as the “lady of the house” and asking me nearly all the questions. I had brushed those aside by laughing and saying “Uh, well clearly, the men are cooking dinner tonight so we don’t conform to traditional roles here…” I had laughed these things off, but when he got all huffy in the end I just wanted him GONE. I was pretty livid. They had been in our house for nearly an hour and a half, and never once touched the couch which is the only reason we had let them in in the first place.

All and all, although Kirby Vacuums have been around for 100 years and for good quality reasons…their high pressure sales tactics are LOUSY.

I couldn’t help but feel extremely poly domestic though as the three of us all dealt with our first ever in-home Vacuum demo while sipping our wine and cooking an all star dinner. After the whole thing was said and done, the three of us had a good laugh and sat down to watch Supernatural.


do you ever see a person you love do something really fucking ridiculous and you just watch and think “ah yes this is where i have laid my affections”

All the time….Even if I’m rolling my eyes in the process hahaha