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Kiddos first school carnival! He is LOVING Kindergarden!!!

Birthday things!

I did all 3 of our makeup and made my entire costume :)

It is really hard to keep active on tumblr and go to school, and be a mom, wife, girlfriend with an insane social life…
I’m sorry guys, I’m really failing at Tumblr hard.

On the plus side I’m pulling straight A’s, my birthday was last Thurs (and the boys planned a surprise party for me. My friends showed up one at a time hobbit dwarf style too…it was perfect and I had no idea.)

Glowbug bought me a pet tarantula and it molted in my birthday (totally good luck lol!) He also bought me some makeup and flowers.

Enigma learned how to knit (in secret) and made me a scarf as I am bus bound for school and he got me some candy in a wooden spider adorned box

My friend Link made a Necro”nom”icon Evil Dead inspired cake.

Minion made me an awesome card :) it was a perfect birthday even if the boys kept driving me crazy with their secret conspiring.

Saturday the 3 of us went to our annual zombie/monster pub crawl and it was AMAZING!!! I’ll post photos. :)

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch with friends as a family and it was the perfect end to the weekend :)

I know I’ve been quiet but things have been going really well :)

The 3 of us went to a part last Saturday. It was a 70s them double whammy housewarming/40th Birthday party so we all got dressed up :) Much silliness was had. :)

This is from last Saturday…my love for brown lipstick keeps growing guys…

First day of school rundown.
  • Couldn’t sleep last night.
  • Checked my online class status just in case it updated for my classes at Midnight. Both classes updated and I got LOST in reading all the things…
  • Finally attempted to go to bed around 1:30am and fell asleep around 2am
  • Alarm clock went off at 5am to get ready, Glowbug woke up with me (and made me coffee) and it was really nice and supportive.
  • Use public transit (with connections) and get on campus 35 min early. Early enough to get coffee.
  • Math Class at 7:40am and I like the teacher and structure of the class! Yay! First on campus first day class achievement unlocked! My love for math is totally rekindled and I just feel happy in the classroom again.
  • Class ends and Enigma is waiting for me outside the building in the park. He came downtown early to see me and he works at Noon. Yay more supportive partner stuffs!
  • I hop back on public transit to get back home so Glowbug can leave for work, and I can pick Minion up from Half Day kindergarten

    aaaand first day is done! :D I have one class on campus, 2 online classes, 12 credits this term. I am still so stupid proud of myself for following through! The boys are super proud too! Now to learn to balance being Wife, Mother, Girlfriend AND Student….Love you guys, thank you for the support!

First day of college after 8 years is tomorrow.
The nerves are strong.
*deep breath*
New adventure!

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Happy evening everyone. The boys have been sewing costumes and I haven’t been feeling too well but tomorrow will be a SUPER fun day!!! #polyamory #polyfamily #ilovetheseboys